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Cindy Holland

Cindy Holland was born 24 October 1961.  She is the proud mother of three children; one boy, Josh,  and two girls, Katrina and Fenice.  She enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, old cars. country music, travel, cross stitch, horses, reading Stephen King books, ceramic painting, darts, swimming, and baking. She enjoys long walks under the stars and spending time with her loved ones.

by Cindy L. Holland
© 4 March 1997

Life has not been a happy trail for me
I walked the trails alone wondering where they would lead me
I have had enough pain along those trails to last a lifetime,
So it seemed
I always knew somewhere there had to be a better trail to walk
I searched for years to find the right one
It was a rough trail to walk
But I always kept the faith that one day I would find
The trail of happiness
I never understood why it took so long, or why it caused so much pain
I now see it was a test God granted me
It was a hard trail but I made it through it all
I always asked "Why me?"
Now I know it was a test God gave to me to make me strong
The last trail I found led me to you.
I see now all the crying, all the pain, all the sorrow
Was my test to find you
I found this trail of happiness walking with you
All good things do come to those who wait
For my last trail led me to you. Because of You
by Cindy L. Holland
© 21 February 1997

I walked through this world with my eyes closed
But now after the long darkness I see a bright light shining
       That would be you!
My world seemed so sad and lonely
And I thought there would be no happiness
       But then I found you!
My arms have been closed and now they are open
       Just for you!
My heart has been broken but now it beats strong
       Because I have you!
I no longer walk with my eyes closed
I no longer live in darkness
I am no longer lonely or sad
My arms are no longer closed
My heart is no longer broken
I have this bright clear light
         It is you my love!
And because of this we found the one true thing
         It is love! Darkness Turned To Light
by Cindy L. Holland
© 13 March 1997

 There are dark clouds that surround me
 In the darkness within them I can hear a voice
 It calls out...
 Come to me, Come to me
 I stand frozen for all darkness is all I know
 The voice calls out louder to me....
 Come to me, Come to me, I will show you the light
 I start to follow the voice only to pull back once more, for the darkness is all I know
 It calls out again......
 Come to me, Come to me, I will be your friend
 I want to go but , the darkness within holds me back
 This voice becomes closer within the darkness
 Call out.....
 Come to me, Come to me, I will give you my hand
 As I reached my hand out , the darkness pulled my hand away
 For the darkness is all I know
 From out of know where this light came and I saw the voice that had been calling out
 I was afraid for the darkness was all I knew
 But , with this voice came a person
 Saying come to me, come to me
 I pulled back for the darkness is all I knew
 This person came closer and never gave up on me
 He picked me up and carried me for I could not walk
 He showed me the light for all I know was the darkness
 He filled my life with joy all I knew was sadness
 He made my heart filled with love for all I knew was hate
 The darkness is now behind me and all I see now is the light and happiness
 That light is you. So Many Reasons
by Cindy L. Holland
© 15 May 1997

So many reasons to live
Children laughing, birds singing, lots of love
Everyone gets a chance for happiness, love and joy
Sometimes it takes longer then others
All good things do come to those who wait
The joy of children, is one you are blessed with
The sounds you hear as you wonder thru this grand world
Love, when you have that special someone to share it with
I have been blessed many times
Joy runs deep in my soul
Love fills my heart
So many reasons to live
How to you put anyone reason when you have so many?
I have it all love, joy, happiness
For I have been blessed
The wait has been worth all the pain I have endured
For now all my hopes, dreams and prayers have been answered
For my angels have sent me the greatest gift of all
Love, joy and happiness and so much more
And all of this is because of my children, my special man and my faith in god and good friends
So glad I have waited my turn for so many reasons to live life
Remember all good things to come to those who wait
Never give up on all you dream, hope or pray for
For there are so many reasons to live for. Thanks for Loving Me
by Cindy L. Holland
© 13 March 1997

 Whisper my name.....
 I will hear you
 Live in my heart....
 I will give you mine
 Hold me close....
 I will hold you closer
 Walk with me......
 I will follow you
 Smile, Your beautiful smile.....
 I will smile back with joy
 Kiss me gently.....
 I will kiss you with passion
 Love me.....
 And, I will return that love
 For you have given me so much already
 I know we have so much more to come
 My life is filled with joy
 My heart belongs to you and only you
 Thanks my love, for giving me back my life
 And , showing me what love is all about
 I am alive
 Thanks for loving me.


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