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Jonathan Goldberg

At the Pier
by Jonathan A. Goldberg a.k.a. GOLDJON
© 10 April 1997

I asked you out to a night of games and rides at the pier.
Bright swirling lights, pomp and glitter, and you would be near.
My nervous voice did shake and crack as I asked you.
Then with a bright and cheerful voice you said, "I'd love to."

After a few more words, I hung up the phone, my heart filled with joy.
Never in all the world was there, a more jocund exuberant boy.
I sorted through my attire, I wanted to look the best I could.
Nothing, not anything ever, did make me feel this good.

After dressing to what I thought was best and right for you,
I ran down to Windor Florist to by something for my love so true.
In the window I saw the most red rose on all of the earth.
Seeing it, I thought of you, and my heart filled with mirth.

I entered the store an told the clerk of the flower in the window there.
The great crimson petals, soft as velvet, sweet perfume filled the air.
The clerked plucked the flower and wrapped it in red paper and foil of gold.
The great red bloom was surely a sight to behold.

About an hour before the excepted time to meet, I did arrive.
Under the great plastic clown, which let out a mechanical laugh and did seem alive.
I gripped the red wrapped piece of Heaven and thought just of you.
Next to me was a rotting wooden rail, behind that only the sea of blue.

My love was that ocean crashing and breaking on the sandy shore.
I hoped the upcoming night would have happiness only in store.
I let out a nervous sigh as I leaned against the hard plastic of that silly clown.
His body was big and artificial and sent strange shadows on the ground.

Time passed like heavy sap down a great Maple tree.
Seemed as if every second lasted a pained eternity.
I got quite nervous when the great Coin Castle clock's hands neared six.
The great lights all over the pier switched on, the slots whirled and clocks ticks.

The sweet perfume of cotton candy filled the night air.
Children laughed on the rides, with out a sign of care.
I just stood there clutching the rose wilting in the night.
The sea had hungrily eaten the last rays of the sunlight.

In the dusk of night (it was only five past six) but I still did fear.
Then I saw you weeding your way to me, your gait steady and clear.
Your light brown hair was tied back in a loose pony-tail.
Your tight jeans hugged your legs, and your shirt boar a smiling snail.

Your beam was broad and airy, your walk sweet and with grace.
Passing laughing children to the clown, you walked with smiling face.
I handed you the flower, the paper crumbled and torn.
But you took it gently, pressed it against your breast, not scared of any thorn.

"What do you want to do?" I nervously asked.
As I waited for your answer, all stood still, even the ocean's crash.
"You pick," you did simply reply the tight impish grin on your lips.
I turned my head toward the sea and saw the foaming tips.

I looked around the great wooden pier, and saw the mammoth Ferris Wheel above.
"To the Ferris Wheel," I cried as I grabbed your soft milky hand, it was soft as a dove.
We walked up the clanking metal walk to the entrance of the wheel.
We handed the burly man our tickets a bright and lovely shade of teal.

We climbed into the bench that would take us high above the ground.
Into the dark blanket of night we soared, as the wheel clanked and whirled around.
From the top the whole pier gleamed as if a rainbow exploded into a cascade of light,
But greater still the roaring foaming ocean which reflected the colored lights of night.

The great sky colossus whirled us round more, as if it were turning the sky.
I took you hands in mind, and I saw the stars that twinkled in your eye.
The great behemoth groaned as it stopped, we were at it's highest peak.
I wanted to tell you how I felt, but the words I could not seek.

Though as if in a dream, the sleepy machine's ride did come to an end.
From it slowly we did walk, my arm was around you then.
Why we decided on the Black Death next, I surely don't know.
I was never to fond of roller coasters, I preferred the slow.

Yet when I am with you, I feel that I could do anything.
We climbed up the platform, I held you tight to keep you warm from the wind whipping
We reached the top of the steel platform, and I saw one of the cars race by.
The swift day-glow red beasts who around the tracks do fly.

We climbed into the metal beast you and me.
They fastened our restraints (put us in the first car, so we could see).
Then with  a tired old metallic groan, we where off on our trip.
Up and up, higher and high the creature climbed til we reached the top before the dip.

Tightly, I gripped your hand as we stared into space.
Then quickly with a whoosh we flew, like a dog on a fox chase.
The beast swerved with a devilish speed, and metal clinks and click.
Up through the loop, I was squeezing your hand hoping the restraints would stick.

Soon though, we were back and we climbed out from the speeding cars.
I had to lean against your warm frame, because I was seeing stars.
You just laughed and held me very tight and close to you.
Then you said, "next we should go to the beach, that is what we should do!"

So we snuck off past the mechanical marvels to the old oaken stair.
We snuck onto the moonlit beach without a single care.
We flung off our shoes and our quickly removed our socks.
Let our warm toes squish in the cold sand and small rocks.

We ran along the beach, until the noise and lights of the pier were very faint.
I saw you walk in the light of the moon, radiant and pure as a holy saint.
You let out the wondrous laugh as you threw back your head.
"The stars are wonderful tonight," you casually said.

I walked over to you as you clutched the rose and stared into the dark night sea.
I put my arms quietly around your waist, and your arms did wrap around me.
My lips did kiss for the first time, two young souls in front of the great white moon.
My lips parted from yours and I looked into your angelic face, and thought I'd swoon.

At that moment all around us was gone from the earth.
No more sea of waves, bright glowing carnival lights, just our mirth.
"It was my first kiss, and I did love it so," I did say,
"That moment in my heart forever will stay."

Heaven Be In Waves Of Blue
by Jonathan A. Goldberg a.k.a. GOLDJON
© 7 April 1997

I hear the great crashing of the sea, against the long dead coral rocks.
The melodic runic tune, like the immortal ticking of some ancient clocks.
Like the moon on the tides, are destiny moves us and pulls us too.
That is how I came to be with you, came to love you so very true.

Twas on this very beach of pristine sand.
The grains of time which formed this land.
How the sun does shine on my life as you glide through my heart.
The wind eroding the dunes echoes my heart, how you made my life start.

When we first met, I was as cold as the fish in crystal blue.
Yet, you saw more to me, said my soul was pure and true.
How the black-headed gulls did soar high in the sky that day.
That day the squids did learn love the eels did swim and play.

I wish I was that squid from the ocean, so many arms to wrap around you tight.
And then in the dead of night, I'd keep you safe with my bright bioluminescent light.
For my heart does glitter more than any pearl of an oyster could.
For when you hold me, oh so tight, you make me feel so good.

The soft sweet salty sea breeze does fill my lungs with hope.
That sweet taste reminds me of you, that night we did elope.
Do you remember that night?  The stars did witness our love.
Under a moon so grand and great and white as the sweet dove.

I held you that starry night, as much as you did hold me.
As we showed and shared our love, by the boundless sea.
I did caress your soft brown locks, pushed them behind your ear.
My hand did slowly touch your skin, you did not show me fear.

That was the day the Heavens stopped, the sea turned warm from ice.
It was the day I tasted the sweet thing, we mortals called paradise.
It was a great union aided by God above, us both a little unsure of the fate at hand.
Both of us had not given ourselves to anyone but each other, that night in the sand.

Everyday that I do see your face, shining so at me so near.
These moonlit walks that we did make along the wooden pier.
We entered the ocean that warm Summer night, two children becoming seals.
We danced, we splashed, we swam, we played, as vivacious as Catherine Wheels.

The salty brine clung to our matted hair, as we emerged with cheer.
The great white moon illuminating you, my goddess bright and clear.
I thought that night I could love you no more then when our lips did embrace.
But still my love for you grew greater still throughout life, our long unending chase.

O, the great love you make me feel, a flower, a pure rose you are.
The great sea goddess of my dreams, brighter than any star.
For you shine with a light so great in my now burning breast.
That you are greater to me, than the treasure of any pirate's chest.

I want to hold your sweet soft warm frame, all of the day.
How I love to caress your hair, tell you always to stay.
Our Kismet was sealed in the stars, the day we were born.
My life was always like a rose, it had many a thorn.

Yet you, my love, are the bloom greater than any other thing.
That is why upon that day in time, I did give you my golden ring.
We were wed that summer, you and me, upon our beach.
Exchange our vows, said a prayer, you know that man did preach.

Yet, I did not hear him, my thoughts were only of you.
I only heard the crashes, the waves of heavenly blue.
For our honeymoon, never left our wondrous shore.
Why would we leave that place we love, a place of lore?

We lived our lives of middle age in the house that I built.
Made with love, strong timber, and some of the sea's silt.
The great window we did have that overlooked our little coast.
Many a night we held each other, saw our love's first host.

Now, the time has gone by, as many days as grains of sand.
The skin did wither and weather on my once strong and mighty hand.
Though my body is weaker than it was, my love is strong still.
It grows greater larger yet, like dust gathering on a window sill.

O, my dear, were did the time rush off too?
Why did age come so fast, for me and you?
Then that day two days ago, when your last breath did leave you.
It was a great sorrow for me, to be without my love so pure and true.

You did leave me now in the earthen realm to go to a better place.
One day in my time, I will pursue you, will pick up that chase.
But still I love you, not even the grip of death can ever end that.
Every day I comb the beach, our beach, and in our spot I sat.

You did fly to the sea so great up high in the boundless recesses of the sky.
To swim in paradisean seas with dolphins, and dream of those days gone by.
Everyday I look up to see you flying and swimming up there.
I see your face so true and pure and your long flowing hair.

Soon, again, I will caress your sweet auburn hair, my hands young once more
We shall walk in the beaches of the Heavens, make love on the sandy shore.
I see you in that sea of blue, us mortals call the sky.
A bright star that twinkles there, is your immortal eye.

Feel not a drop of sorrow or sadness for me, that I have lost her now.
In the ocean of the sky, I'll meet her again, soon, when I take my final bow.
Just hold your love, keep it safe and never ever let it flicker or go.
For you will see all those you love, in a kingdom more white than snow.

Dark Storm Sky
by Jonathan A. Goldberg a.k.a. GOLDJON
© 7 May 1997

Dark storm skies come from many a thing, brought about on angels' wings.
During these black cloudy times of sadness, doves dream of precious things.
Who are we to dream their dream, to know of their ideas and hopes?
Mother natures does what she does, without interference from the popes.

When a dark fog does roll in from the eerie mountains in the West,
The doves do flap their powerful wings and beat them on their breast.
The darkness is in us as is the sonata of light's powerful cosmic rhyme.
We need only to look upon each other to find the precious time.

For such is life and such is death,
Divided only by the taking of a breath.
For our world is ours and their world is theirs to know,
For love is never the same between people as different as every flake of snow.

Oh, our dreams fly to heaven on the back of doves' sweet white down,
We here lay on earthen land, nothing at all is around.
We are all islands who look across the seas of hope.
Looking for that safety net, that eternal rope.

What we find we often don't look for, and sometime that is love.
That is when an angel comes to Earth in the form of a dove.
For even during dark and stormy skies of night.
There is always hope in a sweet dove's flight.

Death of an Angel
by Jonathan A. Goldberg a.k.a. GOLDJON
© 8 April 1997

She looked so very peaceful when I saw her take her very last breath.
Her soft and ruby lips exhaled, as she did deeply kissed old man death.
My sweaty palm trembled as I touched and held her pallid white hand.
So small so fragile like a porcelain doll's, non ever fashioned as grand.

I saw those cool pools, that were her eyes, see the world for the very last time.
Her sweet scented perfume wafted to my nostrils, like the smell of a green lime.
Her flowing blonde hair, woven gold, lay glimmering in the brilliant sun.
Her soft beautiful frame withering away, her earthen dance was too soon done.

How is it that angels die? Her soft sweet immortal ruby lips parting the sky.
Taking my sweet one to Heaven upon a ray of light, for now even God did cry.
The cold earth she did touch with her timid hand, did make the flowers grow.
Her soft red rosy cheeks did contrast her face with her skin as white as snow.

by Jonathan A. Goldberg a.k.a. GOLDJON
© 8 April 1997

A mighty majestic marvel loomed up from the end of the street.
I had waited a lifetime, that this structure and I would meet.
The great circular Coliseum embodiment of the blood of Rome.
But yet is showed the splendor too, a great immortal home.

Twas in bright daylight that I saw it first, the yellow sun was high overhead.
I walked to it on a path so ancient, Hadrian could have gone in my stead.
His troops could have marched down the very same path, so antediluvian and old.
But yet the whole Forum seemed to glow as if each column was encrusted with gold.

The vendors hawked their daily wares, as their ancestors did in front of the site.
Never before in my entire life did I behold such a sight, as beautiful as Heaven's light.
I entered through a great archway, a gaping mound of old brown stone.
The great arena did envelop me, the grandeur of old Rome shown.

Icy Barbs
by Jonathan A. Goldberg a.k.a. GOLDJON
© 9 April 1997

I lay near sleep in my bed, in an old oaken room, under soft blankets of down.
A soft syrupy-sweet smell slowly slithered about, like a ghost in the gloom.
Not long ago the rays of light died at the end of the bright twilight of day.
And to my old antique bedroom I did go, to sleep out the darkness that is night.
But just as I was nearly in Morpheus's land, there came a horrid bright light.

It came clear and pure through what was once a closed door, wide open flooding in.
And a horrid figure tall black and grim did stand in the frame of the oaken doorway.
"What do you want?", I cried, "How did you get in my room in the dead of night?"
The dark black figure, carved from ebony, moved not a hair, just stood there still.
Great rivers of sweat did gather and cascade down my soaked pallid brow.

The dark figure I saw there, aroused a dark horrid fear in me, scared me to the bone.
The light shone brightly, but he was devoid of light, only black and empty nothing void.
In his hand was a devilish tool, a whip with shining sharp barbs fashioned at the end.
I was frozen where I lay, I could not move could only see the dark figure in my door.
He wore an attire from the days of Victoria's rule, but I knew this thing to be only cruel.

I clutched the mattress tight, my heart filled with nothing but glacial fear and terror.
The Black Man, Lord of Nightmares, stood as still as a silhouetted gargoyle in the dark.
In his dark muscled powerful hand he held that tortuous device of pain and fear.
My organs under my skin did quake and quiver and seemed to huddle together.
My middle was a pit a bottomless one, sucking into all of my inside into its abyss.

I could no longer speak, barely breathe, it was like a great snake was around me.
The desert that was my barren throat could not utter a single cry or oralize a word.
The Hellish light still flooded into my room, almost blinding me now, in the gloom.
Dark demon man, in Victorian dress, the embodiment of my death my doom.
I could not move paralyzed with dread of his whip his whip with the icy bards of death.

He took one step closer to my bed, he moved at last, but now the whip was over him.
He held it up ready to strike, as he walked two steps more, to the foot of my bed.
A deep guttural bestial laugh did issue from deep in his inhuman dark throat.
The bright Hellfire, still seeping leaking crawling into my old antiquated oaken room.
The old dark varnished wood of the room did seem to close in all around me.

The Black Man's whip with icy barbs gleamed and danced a horrid dance in the light.
His face now I could see, what once was black masked by light was now a skull!
"Your soul is mine forever more," the grinning ivory skull did hoarsely declare.
Then the whip with icy barbs came whistling through the dark must night air.
A small squeak of terror issued from my parted lips, as the reaper's whip came down.
                                              Thank God, it was just a dream.

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