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Jeremiah Postert

Poetry by Jeremiah Postert.  Jeremiah is a student of life and lover of souls.

A flower holds so much beauty
and yet if there is no one to see it
what is it worth
and though I can not see you
I hope mine bring a smile to you
for I know that smile is one of the
most beautiful things in the world
and even the flowers that brought it
will be jealous


I think I finally understand
the power of love can be so grand
but only as a two part whole
can I reach that final goal
with you my heart didn't look it only leapt
and because of that every night I truly wept
my heart was broke it felt shattered
nothing else really mattered
I thought God threw you in my lap
then later it felt like the devil's trap

You opened a bridge between my heart and soul
though only a small one it will grow
but not for you, it doesn't seem right
for true love it shouldn't be a fight
I have learned your just a friend
and I hope that will never end.


flying through the air seeing what I wanted
obstacles I would not see, not going to be daunted
crashed upon my first heart's journey
at least I'm not carried out on a gourney
I crashed but landed in soft hey
I hope a friend this woman shall stay
I shall fly again someday
I pray not blinded by love's ray
but flying with it's greatest power
yet soft and lovely like a flower
I fear to find another rose
their points a danger they do pose
and while a rose is worth finding
and so very much inspiring
perhaps one that desires my touch
I pray for this so very much


This new flyer has hit a pitfall of my own making
a letter from my concience's undertaking
read by one whom he cared for
now she speaks to him nevermore
a silly fools quest for love
one I thought sent from above
a fool I say, a fool was I
to believe in such a wondrous lie
forged by evil this lie was
the master of darkness says because
this man thought to fly
for this crime his heart shall die
As my soul was stripped away
My heart was taken that day
a hallow and empty shell
was all that hit when I fell
my heart now tortured by a demon
may one day escape, and for one reason
to try again to find a love
and fly again as gentle as a dove
my tears have fallen and formed the ocean
now I have left but one notion
for her unhappiness to end
and once again to be her friend.


this poem has been shown to a VERY few..

I lived my life with boring ease
a woman changed it in a breeze
she took me to the edge of a cliff
and beckoned me to fly
Unsure, confused, and scared stiff
all I could do was try
Now I'm floating on a summer breeze
but my lifes not filled with ease
Who knew there were pitfalls in the air?
fly so free I do not dare
Where will this new flyer go?
In my heart I do not know..



I live for chances and dreams
what do I have left,
if you take away these things
My world but a mirror
of the chance that was my soul
My heart was once large,
and warm and of pure gold.
I see now that was just
a chance of a dream seen
in a mirror.
the truth is much darker
than what I have told.
I see now my heart
not large, warm or gold
Just black cold and lifeless
as if that really mattered
foras you can see
the mirror
and I
have been utterly


I usually just walk along
sometimes I look up with hope in my eyes
but I still haven't reached anywhere
occasionally I'll look back thinking
I won't see anything, I'm sure I've never been
anywhere. And there they will be,
places I have slowly walked through, dimly
remembered pleasantries. Somewhere! Why did
I keep walking, I'm not really sure.
I know I have to keep going, 'cause I'm
searching for something. I'm not sure
what. but I know it's gotta be out there.
So I'll just keep walking along.

You may contact Jeremiah Postert by  E-mail or you may visit his home page,  Welcome to the Fire

© 1997  Jeremiah Postert  all poetry on this page is copyrighted by Jeremiah Postert.

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