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Thinking of you in the darkness
The moon so high above,
Thoughts of you flowing through my mind
The thoughts of a wonderful love.

Soft winds of the springtime
Sending shivers down my spine.
Gentle breeze blowing through my hair,
So thankful you are mine.

Suddenly feeling safe and warm
Feeling your presence next to me.
Looking deeply in your eyes
It's there, your love I see.

Not dismissing the twinkling stars
They've held the wishes of the past.
But, for a love so wonderful
I need a wish that will last.

So tonight it's on the moon I wish,
So big and glowing white.
That this love we have for eachother
Will forever, feel so right.

I close my eyes so gently
And think of what will be
True love that will last forever
Our love lasting...eternally.

April 12,1998



I have been blessed
With wings of gold.
Not sure of their meaning...
I have never been told.

I don't know why
I'm an Angel now...
For I'm still living,
I don't know how.

It's a great mystery,
That much is true...
But a task so meaningful,
One I must do.

I will do my best
With what I've been given,
While still on earth,
While I'm still livin'.

I fly the paths of Angels
In the skies above,
To spread their gifts,
Of Joy, Peace, and Love.

I'll spread joy and love
To those in need...
Filling their hearts
With no sense of greed.

I will bring laughter and smiles
For the rest of my days,
As long as there's Angels
To lead me on my way.

I will lead the path
To life everafter,
Help heal the loss
Of any disaster.

I will make the wishes
And dreams come true...
For those who believe
In what I do.

A gift from GOD,
They're Heaven sent...
My wings of gold,
For me, they were meant.

So, I will wear them
And do what's right,
For I've been given...
The gift of Light.

(Written May 19, 1997)


Images of you and me,
Floating through my head.
Are they here forever,
Or, just when I'm in bed?

I hear the sound of your laughter...
Your soft touch on my face...
The beat of my heart doubles...
My mind begins to race.

I see the twinkle in your eyes,
The curve that forms a smile..
Are we really this close right now,
Or still the distant mile?

I push that thought right from my head.
Deeper sleep into which I fall...
I want to go on dreaming
So I can have you once, for all.

Just you and me together...
A fantasy some true!
If only for the moment...
Is something I must do.

To share our love and happiness,
To show how much we care,
Even in my dreams at night...
It's you, at whom I stare.

I hold you in my heart with love...
So much I feel it'll burst.
I knew how much I loved you...
Right from that day, the first.

My heart aches when I miss you,
I often shed a tear...
Waiting for that day to come...
Or is it for that year?

Suddenly I'm wide awake...
The smile broad upon my face...
I touch my cheek where you just did
It's warm, I feel your trace.

I realize you love me too...
And just how much you care...
So now it's when I'm wide awake
And at your words I stare.

Someday we'll be together,
We know it in our hearts.
Then in dreams or wide awake...
We know we'll never part.

True Love is forever...
And that is what we share...
Two hearts have come together
A single from a pair.

In my dreams, or wide awake
It's with you I want to be...
To hold you, love you, touch you...
From now...till eternity.

(Written  July 16, 1997)
©  MsAngelt


Getting lost in the clouds, thinking about you...
Dreaming of what should be...
Feeling the raindrops touch my cheek...
Knowing Angels are crying for me.

Seeing the sun rise, early each morn...
Comparing its' beauty to your smiles...
My heart aching, each and every minute...
Knowing the distance between us...
...far too many miles.

Every thought in my mind, filled with our love...
Hoping you feel it, too...
Feeling your touch when you're not even near...
Always feeling so close to you.

Feeling myself wrapped in your arms...
The sweet touch of your lips on mine...
Knowing in my heart, it will happen soon...
It's just a matter of time.

It's just the start of what love is to me...
For this is the first love I've known...
My heart has taken wings, like Angels above...
And left me, to you it has flown.

So know that you have my soul, my heart...
We will be together in time...
Know that I love you, so very completely...
I am yours....
....hoping you're mine.

What is love? It is you, me, us...
Together until the end of time....
Yet, still just the beginning.

(Written October 10, 1997)
©   MsAngelt


Two seperate people..
So far away..
Learned to live and love..
In a single day.

She is his Angel..
Sent one day..
To share all emotions..
In a wonderful way.

He is her Heaven..
For he is her Love..
He gives inspiration..
She soars like a dove.

Sharing their hearts,
Their innermost selves..
Things that were put..
Long ago on a shelf.

They bring out the best
In eachother, it's true...
For she loves him...
And he loves her, too.

Everything to eachother,
Love came from afar...
They belong to one another,
Never to part.

Angel and Heaven,
It is right, can't you see..
For Heaven is where..
His Angel should be.

His Angel, Her Heaven,
Together such Love..
Look up closely..
You may see them above.

Two became one,
Or so, it would seem...
Sharing their thoughts,
Their hopes and their dreams.

Holding on to eachother..
Never letting go..
They'll take love and happiness
Where ever they go.

Angel and Heaven
On their own cloud nine..
For I am his...
And He is mine.

I am your Angel..
To you I was sent...
For my own peace of Heaven...
For you I was meant.

(Written August 16, 1997)
©  MsAngelt


Here I am sitting
And thinking of you...
The love that we share,
Can only be true.

I dream of your laugh,
Your smile, your face,
And thank Heaven above,
For this wonderful place.

It brought us together,
We were friends, that is true,
Then suddenly much more,
When you said "I Love You."

I was shocked when I saw it..
Not sure what to do,
Then I told you the same,
I said "I Love You, too!"

It started one day...
With a simple Hello.
Now it's much more...
A love that will grow.

We'll always be together..
We will always be friends.
We know deep inside...
True love never ends.

The laughs were all fun
The smiles were too...
But, I'll never forget...
When you said "I Love You."

(Written August 8, 1997)
©   MsAngelt


Don't be afraid to tell me
Just what is on your mind,
Please don't hide your soul from me...
I know it's the same as mine.

I want to know the real you...
No matter what you fear,
I will always be the one that
Will listen close to you, my Dear.

Don't be afraid to tell me
The feelings in your heart,
It is these things I want to know...
Each and every part.

I will not judge nor leave you...
Even though it may make me sad,
I will share with you my feelings...
And pray you won't get mad.

We're both scared of our feelings,
We know not what to do.
To eachother and thine own self...
We must always tell what's true.

We love eachother in many ways,
Our hearts, our hopes, our souls,
If we say just one wrong word...
We fear it may take it's toll.

Fate has brought us together
To share a single heart,
No words can ever hurt so much...
As a lie, or truth in part.

Remember this, my special love,
No matter what we may say or do,
Nothing will ever keep us apart...
Our souls are one, it's true.

I know there are no words
That can say just what I mean,
I love you, so very much...
It's on you I will always lean.

We are meant to be together
By the good Lord up above,
To share the things that mean the most...
Our hearts, our souls, our love.

So, if I hurt you in any way...
I am sure to say and mean I'm sorry,
For I am afraid of losing you...
And of that, I will always worry.

Even though we both know...
We are meant to be together,
We still have these silly fears...
Of losing one another...

But have no fears...
And I'll have none...
We know it's right...
The two of us, are now one.

(Written May 25, 1997)
©  MsAngelt


It's not the twinkle in your eyes
It's not the smile on your face,
It's not the color of your hair.
A clue? I have no trace.

It's not the way you kiss me
Although I wish you would,
It's not the way I touch you
Even when I wish I could.

It's not the way you hold me
Alone in bed at night,
It's not the way our souls meet
Although it feels so right.

I have nothing to hide from you
And so the truth I tell,
To me it's still unthinkable
That you know me so well.

You know my whole life story,
We have shared our thoughts and dreams,
We have fallen so very deep in love,
All through our words, it seems.

We have yet to meet in person,
Our desires, still they grow,
For we feel it deep inside,
And together we both know.

Our first glance at each other
Will turn into a stare,
For we will know we were meant to be
Together as a pair.

The very first time our lips meet,
And we look into one anothers eyes,
Our desires will grow immensely,
It's comes as no surprise.

We will finally fulfill our hopes and dreams
By the sharing of all our love,
The only one who's watching
Is our Creator in Heaven above.

We will share the love and laughter,
The smiles and the pain,
We will share our deepest thoughts,
The sunshine and the rain

And when our time is over,
And it's time to say goodbye,
We will hold each other tight,
As the smiles turn into cries.

We dare not ask the question
Why we were kept so long apart,
For we know now the reason why,
And this is just a start.

We will come for one another
In another place and time,
Our hearts know we'll be together,
I'll be yours and you'll be mine.

It just may be the future life,
No matter how long it seems,
We will always share our love, Dear,
And always create new dreams.

I know we share one love now,
And true love it will always be,
If only we'd met sooner
All the world could see.

But we must keep it quiet now,
For the others we would harm,
Someday it will be you and I...
Walking arm in arm.

So, to these hopes I will always cling
For the rest of my living years,
Each and everytime I think of US...
I will wipe away a tear.

It started out as just some words,
Now look what it's become...
Two people who share a love so deep...
That their souls have became one.

(Written May 22, 1997)
©  MsAngelt


It's a cold, dark world...
One without you...
Full of emptiness, despair...
I know it to be true

There is no happiness, no smiles
Not a glimmer of love
Makes me wonder...
Is God really above?

There is no light..
No warm sunshine.
There is no hope,
If you are not mine...

But a life with You in it
Is far different I know...
It's one full of happiness..
Love continues to grow.

Smiles are abundant,
Laughter is too...
In a world filled with loving...
Because of one, that's You.

Every thought that comes to mind,
Every little thing I do...
Is echoed by a laugh so sweet...
The laugh belongs to YOU.

My mind now fills with hopes,
My dreams now coming true...
There's no one on this great big earth...
That means as much as YOU!

(Written July 27, 1997)
© MsAngelt

For My Husband, KinSA1

Wanting to be the best you can be...
You strive for perfection for all to see.
With strength and pride, you volunteered as a Ranger,
To be the elite, knowing the dangers.

Through treacherous woods and mountainous terrain
You handled the quest, through heat, cold, and rain.
Through jungles and swamps, water up to your chest
You gave it your all to be one of the best.

Move further, and faster, and harder, they yell...
At times you believed you were living in hell.
To give 100% was just not enough
The training is strenuous, the going gets tough.

The bruises and blisters, nearing starvation
You dismissed this all with determination.
Fighting exhaustion, stress and fatigue
To be the best soldier, the top of your league.

You chose the life of being a Ranger
You'll give your all, no matter the danger.
You'll have many missions, your goals in mind
The ones that you love, always left behind.

You'll often be gone to a far away land
Some with mountains, most with sand.
We'll shed out tears when we say "goodbye"
Not knowing the next time we'll get to say "hi."

I'll miss your smile, the kiss of your lips,
The soft carress of your fintertips.
I'll wait for your letters and pray for a call
To hear your voice, to tell you all.

We'll send our love and prayers to you
Because it's your job, one you must do.
We'll always be together, though many miles apart
Because I Love You, with all my heart.
So keep that in mind and know that it's true,
When you come home, I'll be waiting for you.

Fight on, strong and hard, complete your mission
Careful of the hazards of your chosen profession.
Though you may be the lone survivor
You're never a quitter, always the driver.


(Written February 21, 1998)
© MsAngelt

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