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Nathan Williams

Born 26 September 1979.  Nathan's hobbies include writing poetry and short stories, sketching , and playing the drums in the group Awake.

by Nathan Williams

Your happiness lies in your dreams
The night is still outside
As your eyes begin closing
You feel content with yourself inside
Sleep whispers in your ear
You listen with a smile
Falling deeper and deeper
Into it all the while
You walk along a softened path
Illuminated in the darkness
You walk along the clouds and stars
You dream that you are fearless
Everything that hurts is forgotten
For one peaceful night
If so let the dreams take over
As I whisper goodnight.

What is Love?
by Nathan Williams

What is love?
Something I can't grasp
Only remembered
Regret from the past
What is love?
I feel unworthy
Only taunted by
My heart unsteady
What is love?
Have I found her yet
Or will it yet again
Be just regret
What is love?
Is it even there
Is it something
I cannot bear
What is love?
I will never know
The words come
But just won't go
What is love?
Cause I can't speak my mind
Maybe it is something
I will never find.

Deep Down
by Nathan Williams

She hold a candle,
the wax burns her skin.
She doesn't know who she is,
she doesn't know where she's been.
She touches her temple,
fragmented thoughts appear.
She remembers a man,
she remembers fear.
She needs help, but doesn't want it.
She cries aloud deep down,
she sits alone and afraid,
somehow guilty deep down.
She cradles herself,
the tears burn her eyes.
She wishes she wasn't the only one
who could hear her anguished cries.
She touches her mouth,
her finger is covered in blood.
She remembers everything,
she remembers whom she had loved.
She loved him, but he broke her trust.
She feels naive deep down.
She sits slone and betrayed,
somehow guilty deep down.


All poetry on this page is copyrighted ©  1997 by Nathan Williams.
None of the poems may be used in whole or in part with out the express written permission of the poet.

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